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Donation of my money of 752,000 euros. My name is Mme Camille Pasquier, born 06/04/1976 in France, but I grew up in Belgium and I currently live in France. I share this information, in this way, because I want to give my money of 752,000 € to the bank and a villa located in Hérault in France has a person who grows in God. I suffer from a serious illness which condemns me to certain death, throat cancer, my doctor informed me that my days are numbered because my health is deteriorating every day. I cannot live long on this earth. I have had this disease for over 4 years. I have already lost my parents and my husband in an accident and I have no children in my life. For this reason, before I die, I want to donate so that the days will pass due to the absence of this disease. I am looking for someone who is honest and has a good heart; make good use of this amount. So if anyone is interested in receiving my donation of 752,000 euros and my villa; you can contact me quickly; because my days are numbered. WhatsApp: +33644698893

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Hello ???? I am selling a PS5 Standard Edition purchased on cDiscount on 10/08/2021, invoice available on request. Never opened, (under seal)

£ 500.00
Books & Arts
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