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The Nikon D3100 attributes suggested shop price that will not drain your bank account, yet it has abilities far beyond other camera in this price yardage. Including some cameras which cost a good deal more. The Nikon D3100 14.2 mp digital SLR updates more challenging a model in this particular Nikon combination of.These cameras were excellent Nikon Photomic FTN F body. They'd to withstand the rigors of space flight, however still be usable by astronauts while wearing gloves. the batteries, to the lubricants used, had to meet special requirements presented by NASA. One requirement to become used in space, resulted in there may be no battery leakage, or RFI (radio frequency interference). These cameras first went into space in July 1971 for that Apollo 15 moon landing mission. These folks were continually improved, and the features and improvements were enhanced models available to the public, first in professional models, and later, in consumer models.While a place & shoot Nikon camera is a lot more compact and to be able to carry, inside your allow the creative control that really can get ranging from a Nikon Digital camera. And with some entry level digital SLR bodies costing nearly the same as some high end point & shoot cameras, in relation to bang for your buck a Nikon SLR wins without doubt.Another feature that you'll probably decide to look into in your choices something called Live Regard. Both cameras have this feature, however the Canon has added something not you can get in the Nikon. Actually certain things. First, you alter on a grid that divides your screen into thirds. Action a handy feature for composing your photos using the Rule of Thirds to obtain a more pleasing photo layout. Additionally, with the Canon, absolutely zoom in Live View to 5x or 10x size to look at the focus of your shot. Should only imagine how much this can assist eliminate from focus shots.The nikon Corporation entered 1917. This has been around on your very long term. We all know that businesses that are more developed are generally more good. However; that alone is not a reasonable reason pick Nikon.LCD shows nothing or goes blank periodically. Some Nikon old cameras have what Nikon calls "monitor" buttons, which turn the LCD on and off. Find your model's monitor button and press it; probably the LCD is turned off of. Also, most Nikon cameras have a power saving mode during which the camera powers down the LCD following a few minutes of inactivity. If happens too frequently for your liking, consider turning in the power saving mode or lengthening total of time before the capability saving mode starts.If you take a good look at these specifications, then you will realize that Nikon has raised the numbers in all of these functions. So it should in all probability serve the end user well and create a good suggestion!